ConvertibleBonds is an example of using QuantLib.

For a given set of option parameters, it computes the value of a convertible bond with an embedded put option for two different equity options types (with european and american exercise features) using the Tsiveriotis-Fernandes method with different implied tree algorithms.

The tree types are Jarrow-Rudd, Cox-Ross-Rubinstein, Additive equiprobabilities, Trigeorgis, Tian and Leisen-Reimer.

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The source code ConvertibleBonds.cpp, BermudanSwaption(1), Bonds(1), CallableBonds(1), CDS(1), DiscreteHedging(1), EquityOption(1), FittedBondCurve(1), FRA(1), MarketModels(1), Replication(1), Repo(1), SwapValuation(1), the QuantLib documentation and website at


The QuantLib Group (see Authors.txt).

This manual page was added by Dirk Eddelbuettel <[email protected]>, the Debian GNU/Linux maintainer for QuantLib.