PTmender [options] script_filename images


PTmender is a replacement for Professor Helmut Dersch's PTStitcher. Most useful features of PTStitcher have already been implemented, particularly:

  • Compatibility with existing command line and script usage

  • Colour and brightness correction

  • Multiple \s-1TIFF\s0 output

  • \s-1PSD\s0 output with layer masks

  • Flattened \s-1TIFF\s0, \s-1JPEG\s0 and \s-1PNG\s0 output

There is also new useful features not available in PTStitcher:

  • Cropped \s-1TIFF\s0 output

  • \s-1LZW\s0 compression of \s-1TIFF\s0 output

Features that haven't been implemented:

  • Support for \s-1VRML\s0, \s-1PICT\s0, \s-1QTVR\s0, \s-1IVR\s0

  • Support for other-than-rectilinear lenses such as fisheyes

  • Probably lots of other stuff


-o prefix

Prefix for output filename, defaults to pano.


Quiet run


Output help summary.


Sort the filenames provided on the command line in lexicographical order (and only on the command line)

If no images are specified on the command line, then the \*(C`i\*(C' lines are used. If \*(C`i\*(C' lines do not contain a valid filename then the \*(C`o\*(C' lines are used.


Panorama Tools was originally created by Professor Helmut Dersch, it's now maintained by Bruno Postle <[email protected]>.

PTmender was written by Daniel M German <[email protected]>.

This manpage was written by Cyril Brulebois <[email protected]> and is licensed under the same terms as the libpano13 package itself.