aevol_misc_extract -h | --help

aevol_misc_extract -V | --version

aevol_misc_extract [-r GENER | -p POP_FILE] [-t PHEN_FILE] [-s SEQ_FILE] [-g NUM_GU] [-b]


Aevol is a simulation platform that allows one to let populations of digital organisms evolve in different conditions and study experimentally the mechanisms responsible for the structuration of the genome and the transcriptome.


extracts the genotype and/or data about the phenotype of individuals in the provided population and write them into text files easy to parse with e.g. matlab.


-h, --help

print help, then exit

-V, --version

print version number, then exit -r GENER

read generation GENER from a full aevol backup -p POP_FILE

read the population saved in population file POP_FILE -t PHEN_FILE

extract and save some infos about the phenotypes of the individuals to file PHEN_FILE -s SEQ_FILE

extract and save the sequences of the individuals to file SEQ_FILE -g num_gu

only treat this genetic unit (by default: treat all genetic units) -b

only treat the best individual

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