algotutor [\s-1OPTION\s0] ... \s-1DATA\s0 ...


algotutor is an interactive program for observing the intermediate steps of algorithms. The target audience is computer science students and/or anyone who studies algorithms and/or data structures. One can create data files in plain text format (actually perl anonymous hashes, but one need not care) and let algotutor runs through some predefined algorithm. Then one can step backward and forward through the execution sequence of the algorithm at different levels of details. It requires perl-Tk.

\s-1DATA\s0 is the input data. For the dynamic programming algorithms such as lcs and matc, please see the respective entries in the following list; for other algorithms, it is the file name containing the actual input data.


-a \s-1ALGO\s0

Runs the algorithm \s-1ALGO\s0. Currently \s-1ALGO\s0 can be one of:

bst operations on binary search trees
rbt operations on red-black trees (remove() is not implemented yet)
heap operations on heaps \*(-- the remove operation on a heap always removes the top element regardless of the argument
sbs stack-based search on graphs, a variant of depth first search
bfs breadth first search on graphs
prim Prim's minimal spanning tree on graphs
dijk Dijkstra's single-source shortest path on graphs
flwa Floyd-Warshall's all-pair shortest path on graphs (very, very slow)
dom 2-dimensional point domination
graham Graham's scan for convex hull
-s \s-1VERTEX\s0

Use \s-1VERTEX\s0 as the starting vertex (for sbs, bfs, prim, and dijk)

-i \s-1STEP\s0

Display step \s-1STEP\s0 as the initial image.

-d \s-1FILENAME\s0

Dump the picture into \s-1FILENAME\s0 as a ps file and exit immediately without going into interactive mode.


This code is distributed under the \s-1GNU\s0 General Public License


Chao-Kuei Hung ckhung \s-1AT\s0 ofset \s-1DOT\s0 org

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Please see /usr/share/doc/algotutor/doc/ for examples and the full set of documentations.