• antsAlignOrigin

  • antsAlignOrigin, applied to an input image, transforms it according to a reference image and a transform (or a set of transforms).


-d, --dimensionality 2/3

  • This option forces the image to be treated as a specified-dimensional image. If not specified, antsWarp tries to infer the dimensionality from the input image. -i, --input inputFileName

  • Currently, the only input objects supported are image objects. However, the current framework allows for warping of other objects such as meshes and point sets. -r, --reference-image imageFileName

  • For warping input images, the reference image defines the spacing, origin, size, and direction of the output warped image. -o, --output warpedOutputFileName

  • [transform,alignedImage]

  • One can either output the warped image or, if the boolean is set, one can print out the displacement field based on thecomposite transform and the reference image. -h

  • Print the help menu (short version). <VALUES>: 0 --help

  • Print the help menu. <VALUES>: 1, 0