ao-send-telem [-T tty-device] [--tty tty-device] [-D altos-device] [--device altos-device] [-F frequency (kHz)] [--frequency frequency (kHz)] [-R] [--realtime] <flight.telem>


-T tty-device | --tty tty-device

This selects which tty device ao-dumplog uses to communicate with the target device.

-D AltOS-device | --device AltOS-device

Search for a connected device. This requires an argument of one of the following forms:

  • TeleDongle:2



  • Leaving out the product name will cause the tool to select a suitable product, leaving out the serial number will cause the tool to match one of the available devices.

-F kHz | --frequency kHz

This selects which frequency to send the specified packets on.

-R | --realtime

This makes the program delay between packets in pad mode. Normally, pad mode packets are sent as quickly as possible.


ao-send-telem reads the specified flight telemetry log and re-transmits it via the specified ground station device


Keith Packard