atdcat [options...] file


atdcat performs syntax checking and pretty printing on ATD files. It can also perform transformations, such as monomorphization or flattening of inheritance hierarchies.



make type expressions monomorphic


keep parametrized type definitions and imply -x. Default is to return only monomorphic type definitions


debug mode implying -x


expand all `inherit' statements


expand `inherit' statements in records


expand `inherit' statements in sum types

-ml <name>

output the ocaml code of the ATD abstract syntax tree


replace directly <doc html="..."> by (*html ... *) or replace <doc text="..."> by (*html ... *) where the contents are formatted as HTML using <p>, <code> and <pre>. This is suitable input for caml2html -ext html:cat, which converts ATD files into HTML.

-strip NAME1[,NAME2,...]

remove all annotations of the form <NAME1 ...>, <NAME2 ...>, etc.


remove all annotations


print the version and exit

-help | --help

print options and exit

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This manual page was written by Sylvain Le Gall <[email protected]> and Hendrik Tews <[email protected]>, specifically for the Debian project (and may be used by others).