avg_showcamera -l avg_showcamera -r avg_showcamera -t DRIVER [OPTION]...


Query and list attached cameras, reset firewire bus, show video stream.


-h, --help

Show a brief description of the options.

-l, --dump

Dump a list of available cameras to the console.

-r, --resetbus

Reset the firewire bus and free allocated bandwidth.

-t, --driver DRIVER

One of the camera subsystems supported by libavg (supported: firewire, video4linux, directshow).

-d, --device DEVICE

Camera device identifier (depending on the driver, a GUID or device path is expected).

-u, --unit UNIT

Unit number. Used for cameras or other capture devices which deliver several images (e.g. stereo cameras or TV capture cards).

-w, --width WIDTH

Camera image width.

-e, --height HEIGHT

Camera image height.

-p, --pixelformat PIXELFORMAT

Camera pixel format (one of: I8, I16, YUV411, YUV422, YUYV422, RGB, BGR, BAYER8).

-f, --framerate FRAMERATE

Frames per second.

-8, --fw800

Set firewire bus speed to s800 (if supported).

-s, --noinfo

Don't show any info overlayed on the screen.


Ulrich von Zadow <[email protected]>