bluefeather [options] file1 [file2 file3 ..]


bluefeather - Extended Markdown Converter


-e, --encoding NAME

parse input files as encoding of NAME:

  • s[hift(_-)jis] / e[uc-jp] / u[tf-8] / a[scii]

  • default: 'utf-8'

-f, --format TYPE

specify format:

  • t[ext] => text mode

  • d[ocument] => document mode


write even if target files have not changed. (default: only if target files have changed)

-h, --help

show this help.

-o, --output DIR

output files to DIR. (default: same as input file)

-q, --quiet

no output to stderr.

--suffix .SUF

specify suffix of output files. (default: '.html')

-v, --verbose

verbose mode - output detail of operation.


show BlueFeather version.

Advanced Usage:

  • * If specify files only '-', bluefeather read from stdin and write to stdout.


  • bluefeather *.bftext *.bfdoc bluefeather -v --sufix .xhtml -o ../ sample.markdown bluefeather -

More info:

  • see <>