buildtorrent [OPTIONS] -a announceurl input output

buildtorrent [OPTIONS] -a announceurl -f filelist -n name output


buildtorrent is a torrent file creation program. Given an announce url and an input file or directory, buildtorrent generates an output .torrent file that can be used by torrent clients.



Announce URL (required).


A text file (or - for standard input) containing a list of files to add to the output torrent file, together with the path to use inside the torrent. One file is given per line, use / as path separator for the torrent path, use | to separate the filesystem path from the torrent path. Backslash \ can be used to escape newlines and | characters inside names. For example:


Using this option requires that the --name option be used.


Specify the name for the torrent. Usage of this option is required when the --filelist option is used, in which case it specifies the name of the torrent directory. Usage without a file list overrides the name of the directory or file given on the command line.


Additional announce URL list. Use , to separate outer level lists, and | to separate inner level items; for example:



Additional WebSeed URL list. Use , to separate items; for example:



Piece length in bytes (default 262144).


Use 2^size as piece length (default 18) (overrides -l ).


User comment (omitted by default).


Private flag (either 0 or 1).

-D, --nodate

Omit the creation date field.

-C, --nocreator

Omit the created by field.

-m, --md5sum

Add an md5sum field for each file.

-s, --show

Show generated torrent structure.

-S, --showall

Show generated torrent structure, including piece data.

-q, --quiet

Quiet operation with reduced output.

-V, --version

Show the version string.

-h, --help

Show a help screen with brief usage information.


Claude Heiland-Allen ([email protected])

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