bup fuse [-d][-f] [-o] <mountpoint>


bup fuse opens a bup repository and exports it as a fuse(7) userspace filesystem.

This feature is only available on systems (such as Linux) which support FUSE.

WARNING: bup fuse is still experimental and does not enforce any file permissions! All files will be readable by all users.

When you\[aq]re done accessing the mounted fuse filesystem, you should unmount it with umount(8).


-d, --debug

run in the foreground and print FUSE debug information for each request.

-f, --foreground

run in the foreground and exit only when the filesystem is unmounted.

-o, --allow-other

permit other users to access the filesystem. Necessary for exporting the filesystem via Samba, for example.


  • rm -rf /tmp/buptest
    mkdir /tmp/buptest
    sudo bup fuse -d /tmp/buptest
    ls /tmp/buptest/*/latest
    umount /tmp/buptest

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Part of the bup(1) suite.


Avery Pennarun <[email protected]>.