checkndx dbf_file index_file

copydbf filaname1 filename2


dbfxtrct -idbf_file -sindex_file [-f] [-F] [-dMM/DD/YY]

deletall dbf_file

dumphdr dbf_file

dumprecs dbf_file

packdbf dbf_file

reindex dbf_file index_file

undelall dbf_file

zap dbf_name


This manual page explains the xbase64 tools programs. This programs are a set of tools for testing and manipulating xbase database files.



The filename of the xbase database.


The filename of the index file.


Source and destination of the xbase database.


optional field name list in first record


optional field name and attributes in first record


MM/DD/YY is an optional output date format for any date fields