citygml2vrml v.0.1.4 (c) 2010 Joachim Pouderoux, BRGM

This program converts CityGML files to a VRML97 representation More info & updates on Version built on Jun 13 2011 at 19:28:08 with libcitygml v.0.1.4

  • Usage: citygml2vrml [-options...] <input.gml> [output.wrl] Options:


Merge geometries & polygons with similar properties to reduce file & scene size (recommended)


Add comments about the object ids to the VRML file


Center the model around the first encountered point (may be used to reduce z-fighting artifacts)

-filter <mask>

CityGML objects to parse (default:All) The mask is composed of:

  • GenericCityObject, Building, Room, BuildingInstallation, BuildingFurniture, Door, Window, CityFurniture, Track, Road, Railway, Square, PlantCover, SolitaryVegetationObject, WaterBody, TINRelief, LandUse, Tunnel, Bridge, BridgeConstructionElement, BridgeInstallation, BridgePart, All

  • and seperators |,&,~. Examples: "All&~Track&~Room" to parse everything but tracks & rooms "Road&Railway" to parse only roads & railways -minLOD <level> Minimum LOD level to parse (default:0) -maxLOD <level> Maximum LOD level to parse (default:4) -destSRS <srs> Destination SRS (default: no transform)