cppman [ OPTIONS... ] PAGE...


cppman generates C++ manual pages from and provide a man-like interface to view man pages.

By default, cppman fetches man pages on-the-fly, by running the command 'cppman -c', all available manpages are cached, making offline browsing possible. This is also required if you want to use the system 'man' command.

Browsing man pages

cppman uses Vi Improved as a pager.

Press 'q' to leave pager. Press 'K' on an entry like 'vector::insert(3)' links you to the manual page of vector::insert, like a hyperlink.

man compatibility

cppman automatically adds '~/.local/share/man' to '~/.manpath', so the cached man pages can also be viewed with 'man' command. Note that to view uncached man pages, you still need to run 'cppman'.


-s SOURCE, --source=SOURCE

Select source, either '' or ''. Default is ''.

-c, --cache-all

cache all available man pages from to enable offline browsing

-C, --clear-cache

clear all cached files

-f KEYWORD, --find-page=KEYWORD

find man page

-o, --force-update

force cppman to update existing cache when '--cache-all' or browsing man pages that were already cached

-m MANDB, --use-mandb=MANDB

Accepts 'true' or 'false'. If true, cppman adds manpage path to mandb so that you can view C++ manpages with `man' command. The default value is 'false'.

-p PAGER, --pager=PAGER

Select pager to use, accepts 'vim' or 'less'. The default value is 'vim'.

-r, --rebuild-index

rebuild index database from

-v, --version

show version information

-h, --help

show this help message and exit


All contents should be cached by the user, cppmandoes not contain any pre\[hy]cached contents.

Do not distribute the cached man pages without the permision of


Although I spend a lot of time checking the format, there are still pages that won't display correctly.

Feel free to report bugs at: or

mail://[email protected]

Please include the page name in the bug report.


Wei\[hy]Ning Huang (AZ) <[email protected]>