#include <queuebase.h>

Inherits RTPQueueBase.

Inherited by IncomingDataQueue.

Public Member Functions

size_t getDefaultMaxRecvPacketSize () const

size_t getMaxRecvPacketSize () const

void setMaxRecvPacketSize (size_t maxsize)

Protected Member Functions

IncomingDataQueueBase ()

virtual ~IncomingDataQueueBase ()

Detailed Description


Federico Montesino Pouzols [email protected]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

IncomingDataQueueBase::IncomingDataQueueBase ()\fC [inline]\fP, \fC [protected]\fP

virtual IncomingDataQueueBase::~IncomingDataQueueBase ()\fC [inline]\fP, \fC [protected]\fP, \fC [virtual]\fP

Member Function Documentation

size_t IncomingDataQueueBase::getDefaultMaxRecvPacketSize () const\fC [inline]\fP

size_t IncomingDataQueueBase::getMaxRecvPacketSize () const\fC [inline]\fP

void IncomingDataQueueBase::setMaxRecvPacketSize (size_tmaxsize)\fC [inline]\fP


maxsize maximum length of received RTP data packets, in octets. Defaults to the value returned by getDefaultMaxRecvPacketSize().


This method sets a filter for incoming packets. Setting higher values does not necessarily imply higher memory usage (this method does not set any buffer size).


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