Static Public Attributes

static const bool value = false

Detailed Description

template<typename VecType>struct IsVector< VecType >

If value == true, then VecType is some sort of Armadillo vector or subview.

You might use this struct like this:

// Only accepts VecTypes that are actually Armadillo vector types.
template<typename VecType>
void Function(const VecType& argumentA,
              typename boost::enable_if<IsVector<VecType> >* = 0);

The use of the enable_if object allows the compiler to instantiate Function() only if VecType is one of the Armadillo vector types. It has a default argument because it isn't meant to be used in either the function call or the function body.

Definition at line 45 of file arma_traits.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

template<typename VecType > const bool \fBIsVector\fP< VecType >::value = false\fC [static]\fP

Definition at line 47 of file arma_traits.hpp.


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