The GetModeratorAddress(3) routine reads the file /etc/news/moderators to determine how to reach the moderator of a newsgroup. This is used by inews(1) when an unapproved local posting is made to a moderated newsgroup.

The file is read until a match is found. Blank lines and lines starting with a number sign (``#'') are ignored. All other lines should consist of two fields separated by a colon.

The first field is a wildmat(3)-style pattern. If it matches the name of the newsgroup, then the second field is taken to be a format string for sprintf(3). This string should have at most one %s parameter, which will be given the name of the newsgroup with periods transliterated to dashes.

Here is a sample file:

foo.important:[email protected]
foo.*:%[email protected]
gnu.*:%[email protected]
*:%[email protected]

Using the above file, postings to the moderated newsgroup in the left column will be sent to the address shown in the right column:

foo.important	[email protected]
foo.x.announce	[email protected]
gnu.emacs.sources	[email protected]
comp.sources.unix	[email protected]


Written by Rich $alz <[email protected]> for InterNetNews. This is revision \$3, dated \$4.

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