A monkeytail configuration uses Apache-style syntax to declare "groups" of files to be tailed.

Best explained with an example:

    <group testgroup>
        prefix 'server2: '
        sudo yes
            filename /var/log/apache2/access.log
            prefix 'server1: '
            filename /var/log/apache2/access.log
            sudo no


All options can be either put inside a group or file block. Options inside a file block override those in the group block.

filename filename
  • filename defines the filename for this block.

host remote-host (optional)
  • host defines that this block's file is to be tailed on a remote server.

sudo yes|no|1|0
  • sudo is a boolean specifying whether this file should be tailed as root. This option is supported for both local and remote files (in both cases you will potentially be prompted for your password).

prefix "string: "
  • prefix allows you to specify a short string that will be prepended to every line that is displayed for that given file.


~/.mtailrc - user specific monkeytail config

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