The pcp.env script is sourced by assorted Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) scripts and utilities to define the PCP operating environment variables. The conjugate for executable programs using the PCP libraries is the __pmGetConfig(3) function.

Typical usage of pcp.env in a script is as follows :

  •   #! /bin/sh
      # source the PCP environment variables
      . /etc/pcp.env
      rest of script ...

The full syntax and semantics of the pcp.conf file and the __pmGetConfig function are described in their respective reference pages.


The PCP_CONF environment variable specifies an alternative path to the pcp.conf file.

RELATED TO pcp.env…

PCPIntro(1), PCPIntro(3), PMAPI(3), __pmGetConfig(3) and pcp.conf(5).