gnubg -bcdlpqrStvw [file.sgf]


GNU Backgammon gnubg (6) plays and analyzes backgammon games and matches. It is able to play and analyze both money games and tournament matches, evaluate and roll out positions, and more.


\*(T<-b, --no-bearoff\*(T> Do not use bearoff database

\*(T<-c, --commands=FILE\*(T> Evaluate commands in FILE and exit

\*(T<-d, --debug\*(T> Turn on debug

\*(T<-l, --lang=LANG\*(T> Set language to LANG

\*(T<-p, --python=FILE\*(T> Evaluate Python code in FILE and exit

\*(T<-q, --quiet\*(T> Disable sound effects

\*(T<-r, --no-rc\*(T> Do not read .gnubgrc and .gnubgautorc commands

\*(T<-S, --splash\*(T> Show gtk splash screen

\*(T<-t, --tty\*(T> Start on tty instead of using window system

\*(T<-v, --version\*(T> Show version information and exit

\*(T<-w, --window-system-only\*(T> Ignore tty input when using window system

\*(T<-D, --datadir\*(T> Specify location of general data

\*(T<-P, --pkgdatadir\*(T> Specify location of program specific data

\*(T<-O, --docdir\*(T> Specify location of program documentation

\*(T<-s, --prefsdir\*(T> Specify location of user's preferences directory


\*(T<~/.gnubg/gnubgautorc\*(T>, \*(T<~/.gnubg/gnubg.db\*(T>, \*(T<~/.gnubg/gnubg.gtkrc\*(T>


Joseph Heled, \(/Oystein Johansen, J\(/orn Thyssen, and Gary Wong, with the assistance of many others. Bug reports go to <\*(T<[email protected]\*(T>>.

Manual written by Christian Anthon