test search performance


test search performance

--benchmark-more arg (=0)

number of problems for benchmark

--benchmark-seconds arg (=30)

seconds for benchmark


profile mode (run in 1 thread even when OSL_SMP is defined)

--io-stream arg

input for debug

--udp-logging arg

host:port for udp logging

--book-width arg (=10)

relative width of book

--book-width-root arg (=16)

relative width of book at the initial position

--eval-randomness arg (=0)

add random value generated by normal distribution of a given standard deviation, to evaluation values

--node-count-hard-limit arg (=0)

nodes limit for each search (0 for infinity)

-N [ --num-cpus ] arg (=-1)

num cpus for parallel search

--new-move-probability-in-genmove-logprobability arg (=1)

use new (experimental) move probability for genmove_probability

--memory-use-percent arg (=100)

percentage for memory use (normally 100)

--extended-usi arg (=0)

use extended usi (currently, pv will be shown in extended format)


test whether data files are properly placed

-h [ --help ]

produce help message


show version info


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