esorex amber_ascii_export [OPTIONS] FILE.sof


This recipe exports data stored in an AMBER OI product into ASCII files, two export methods are present


--export-method <str>

Export methods (str; default: \'Export SNR, Vis2\'). The full name of this option for the EsoRex configuration file is amber.amber_ascii_export.export_method [default = Export SNR, Vis2].

Note that it is possible to create a configuration file containing these options, along with suitable default values. Please refer to the details provided by the 'esorex --help' command.

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An overview over the existing ESO pipelines can be found on the web page

Basic documentation about the EsoRex program can be found at the esorex (1) man page.

It is possible to call the pipelines from python using the python-cpl package. See for further information.

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amber_ascii_export 4.3.1


Klara Shabun <[email protected]>


Please report any problems to [email protected] Alternatively, you may send a report to the ESO User Support Department <[email protected]>.