ARC BLAH logger is an authplugin to store FINISHED jobs information in log files used by BLAH parser. Generated logs can be used by APEL/DGAS client tools to send accounting information.


arc-blahp-logger -I <jobID> -U <user> -P <proxy file> -L <job status file> [-c <ceid prefix>] [-p <log prefix> ] [-d <log level>]


-I jobID

A-REX job identifier

-U user

local account that own the job files and processes

-P user proxy

path to user proxy certificate file to get VOMS membership info

-L job status file

A-REX jobstatus .local file containint more info about job (like LRMS id)

-c ceid prefix

prefix to generate CE ID in accordance to GLUE1.3 publishing

-p log prefix

logs location and filename prefix. Default is /var/log/arc/accounting/blahp.log

-d loglevel

logging level from 0(ERROR) to 5(DEBUG)


You need to add BLAH logger plugin as a handler for FINISHED state, e.g.:

authplugin="FINISHED timeout=10,onfailure=pass /usr/libexec/arc/arc-blahp-logger -I %I -U %u -L %C/job.%I.local -P %C/job.%I.proxy"


There are no particular plugin configuration except passing correct options.

By default BLAH log is written to /var/log/arc/accounting/blahp.log-YYYYMMDD. The log prefix (without -YYYYMMDD) can be redefined with optional -p option.

CE ID is generated automatically and has a format host.fqdn:2811/nordugrid-torque-queue in accordance to GLUE1.3 publishing. Queue is added in runtime anyway, but prefix can be redefined with -c option. This option should be added in case of LRMS.

To debug logger execution you can add -d 5 option and see all ARC logger output from all subsystems used.


Andrii Salnikov <manf at grid dot org dot ua>