bbstored-config configdir servername username


The bbstored-config script creates configuration files and server certificates for a bbstored instance. It takes three parameters:


The directory where config files will reside. A bbstored subdirectory will be created where several config files will reside. The bbstored.conf file will be created in configdir.


The name of the server that is being configured. Usually the fully qualified domain name of the machine in question.


The name of the user that should be running the bbstored process. Recommended name: _bbstored.

A valid raidfile.conf(5) must be found in configdir. Several steps are taken during the run of bbstored-config:

\h'-04'•\h'+03'Server certificates are created. This requires interaction from the operator.

\h'-04'•\h'+03'The RAID volumes are checked to ensure that the configuration is consistent and will work.

\h'-04'•\h'+03'Instructions for next steps to take are shown. These steps may be different for different OS platforms, so pay close attention to these instructions.



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