cfetool import name --file|-f filename [--path|-p directory name] [--daily|-d] [--weekly|-w] [--yearly|-y] [--verbose|-v] [--help|-h]


Creates a new database from it's \s-1XML\s0 representation, in the format created by rrdtool dump.

The -d, -w, and -y options specify which databases to create and look for in the dump, and may be combined. If they are all omitted, the default is to only import the weekly database.


--file|-f filename

Specifies the \s-1XML\s0 file to restore.


The directory in which to create the new database folder. If this argument is not provided, the current working directory will be used.


Create a database for recording daily patterns.


Create a database for recording weekly patterns.


Create a database for recording yearly patterns.


Print details of the command's execution to the standard output stream.


Print a short help message and then exit.


  % cfetool import temperature_copy --path /my/path --file ./temperature.xml

Create a new weekly database, \*(C`temperature_copy\*(C', in the \*(C`/my/path\*(C' directory, and import it's contents from the file \*(C`temperature.xml\*(C' in the current working directory.


The code and documentation were contributed by Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, a department of Stanford University. This documentation was written by

Elizabeth Cassell <[email protected]> and
Alf Wachsmann <[email protected]>


Copyright 2004 Alf Wachsmann <[email protected]> and Elizabeth Cassell <[email protected]> All rights reserved.