chbind [--silent] [--ip ip_number/interface] <command arguments>


The chbind utility executes a command, and locks the resulting process and its children into using a specific IP number/Interface, no matter what it is told in it's configuration. This applies to services and client connection as well.


--ip ip_number/interface

Binds the process to the given IP number or Interface. If an interface is supplied (for example eth0), both the IP number and broadcast address are extracted.

--bcast broadcast address

Binds the process to the given broadcast IP number.


Do not complain.




If I wanted to ensure my httpd listened only on my eth0 interface, I could do: chbind --ip eth0 /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd start

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This Man page was written by Klavs Klavsen <[email protected]> and based upon the helpful output from the program itself and the documentation on the Virtual Server site <>

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