dlm_tool [COMMAND] [OPTIONS] [ name ]



Display internal dlm_controld state about lockspaces.


Dump dlm_controld debug buffer.


Dump dlm_controld plock debug buffer.

plocks name

Dump posix locks from dlm_controld for the lockspace.

lockdump name

Minimal display of locks from the lockspace.

lockdebug name

Extended display of locks from the lockspace.

join name

Join a lockspace.

leave name

Leave a lockspace.

deadlock_check name

Start a deadlock detection cycle for the lockspace.



Show all node information in ls.

-d num

Resource directory enabled (1) or disabled (0) during join. Default 0.

-e num

Exclusive create off/on (0/1) in join. Default 0.

-f num

FS memory allocation off/on (0/1) in join. Default 0.

-m mode

The permission mode (in octal) of the lockspace device created by join. Default 0600.


Dump MSTCPY locks in addition to locks held by local processes.


Summary following lockdebug output (experimental, format may change).


Verbose lockdebug output.


Wide lockdebug output.


Print a help message describing available options, then exit.


Print program version information, then exit.

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