dpkg-unhold [PACKAGE.\|.\|.]


dpkg-unhold marks package(s) to be installed.

It achieves this by running `dpkg --set-selections' and piping in the package name(s) followed by `install'.

NOTE: This program does not install, remove, purge any package. It ONLY sets the status of the package. Any actual removal or purging is done the next time dselect, apt-get, aptitude, etc are run.


The name is little bit of a misnomer in that it marks the package for installation. This effectively "unholds" the package if it is held, but will cause dselect/apt/etc to install it if it wasn't already installed.

RELATED TO dpkg-unhold…

dpkg(1), dpkg-hold(1), dpkg-remove(1), dpkg-purge(1)


dpkg-unhold was written Craig Sanders <[email protected]>. dpkg-unhold is Free Software placed in the public domain.