dtc-soap-server [-D] [-v]


dtc-soap-server This soap server script is a part of the dtc-xen package that is to be used by the DTC control panel to manage a Xen VPS server.

It will bind a soap server with auth using SSL on the port defined in /etc/dtc-xen/soap.conf. It's auth users are also defined in the /etc/dtc-xen/htpasswd, use the htpasswd utility from apache / apache2 to edit it.

If you're using this server in CentOS, you can replace the SSL certificate this program uses by replacing the files named dtc-xen.* inside /etc/pki/tls. Check the README.RPM file distributed with the package for expedited instructions on how to set up an administrative password.

The -D command line option daemonizes the server. The -v command line option elevates logging level to debug.


This documentation describes dtc-soap-server

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