fai-make-nfsroot [options]


Create the FAI nfsroot directory as pointed by $NFSROOT in the config_file. This directory is necessary for the installation of Debian on remote clients using the FAI package. The config_file location is discussed in the OPTIONS below.

The exit code returned is 0 if all commands to build the root directory exited successfully and >0 if an error occurs.



Adjust a generic nfsroot. Add resolv.conf, add host entries, set the root password.


Use specified BASETGZ file as base.tgz (or base.tar.gz, base.tar.xz, base.txz) for the nfsroot. This avoids calling debootstrap and therefore reduces the buildtime for the nfsroot.


Use CFDIR as configuration directory. Default is /etc/fai. You can also set the environment variable FAI_ETC_DIR.


Force overwriting an existing nfsroot. By default fai-make-nfsroot aborts if the configuration variable NFSROOT points to a directory which already exists. To force overwriting (and therefore rebuilding) the existing nfsroot use this option. This option is supported starting with FAI 4.0. Note: To update and therefore preserve an existing nfsroot see option -k.


Create a generic nfsroot. Remove most install server specific data from nfsroot. See also -a.


Remove all kernels from NFSROOT. This is the same as calling aptitude purge ~nlinux-image inside the nfsroot.


Install additional packages defined in /etc/fai/NFSROOT into the nfsroot. Also copies all kernels from the nfsroot to the directory $TFTPROOT.


Create a nfsroot using live/filesystem.dir subdirectory. This is needed if the initrd of the kernel is created by the live-boot package.


Preserve ssh keys. This will preserve the whole .ssh directory of the root account inside the nfsroot.


Create verbose output on stdout.


Show simple help.


If you do not use NFS, you may still use the NFSROOT directory as a staging point for building the base installation tarball.

RELATED TO fai-make-nfsroot…

exports(5), nfsd(8), fai-setup(8)

This program is part of FAI (Fully Automatic Installation). See the FAI manual for more information on how to use fai-make-nfsroot. The FAI homepage is



The FAI configuration file.

The configuration file for fai-make-nfsroot.

Directory containing shell scripts to be sourced at the end of fai-make-nfsroot for additional configuration of the nfsroot. Can be changed with NFSROOT_HOOKS.

Copy this file to the NFSROOT.

Repository keys in .asc format found here will be installed into the NFSROOT.


Thomas Lange <[email protected]>