Attach a previously created flashcache volume to the system. The loaded volume will appear as as /dev/mapper/cachedevname.

This command is useful in writeback mode only. For the writethrough and writearound* the flashcache_load** command is not needed; Instead flashcache_create(8) should be used each time. See the flashcache_create(8) for a description of supported cache mods.


flashcache_load cache_devname [cachedev_name]


flashcache_load cachedev /dev/sdc

Load the existing writeback cache on /dev/sdc, using the virtual cachedev_name from when the device was created. When upgrading from an older flashcache device format that didn\[aq]t store the cachedev name internally, or the cachedev name shall be changed, the new cachedev name can be supplied as a second argument to flashcache_load.

RELATED TO flashcache_load…

flashcache_create(8), flashcache_destroy(8)

README and other documents in /usr/share/doc/flashcache-utils

The flashcache source code and all documentation may be downloaded from <>.


Flashcache is developed by Mohan Srinivasan <[email protected]>

This man page was written by Dmitry Smirnov <[email protected]> for Debian GNU/Linux (but may be used to others).