fsck.reiser4 [ options ] FILE


fsck.reiser4 is reiser4 filesystem check and repair program.



the default action checks the consistency and reports, but does not repair any corruption that it finds. This option may be used on a read-only file system mount.


fixes minor corruptions that do not require rebuilding; sets up correct values of bytes unsupported by kernel in the case of transparent compression.


fixes all severe corruptions in super blocks, rebuilds super blocks from scratch if needed.


fixes all severe fs corruptions, except super block ones; rebuilds reiser4 filesystem from the scratch if needed.

-L, --logfile

forces fsck to report any corruption it finds to the specified logfile rather then on stderr.

-n, --no-log

prevents fsck from reporting any kind of corruption.

-a, --auto

automatically checks the file system without any questions.

-q, --quiet

supresses gauges.





prints the plugin profile. This is the set of default plugins used for all parts of a filesystem -- format, nodes, files, directories, hashes, etc. If --override is specified, then prints modified plugins.

-l, --print-plugins

prints all plugins libreiser4 know about.

-o, --override TYPE=PLUGIN, ...

overrides the default plugin of the type "TYPE" by the plugin "PLUGIN" in the plugin profile.


-V, --version

prints program version

-?, -h, --help

prints program help

-q, --quiet

suppress messages.

-y, --yes

assumes an answer 'yes' to all questions.

-f, --force

forces fsck to use whole disk, not block device or mounted partition.

-p, --preen

automatically repair minor corruptions on the filesystem.

-c, --cache N

tunes number of nodes in the libreiser4 tree buffer cache


Report bugs to <[email protected]>

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This manual page was written by Vitaly Fertman <[email protected]>