set6x86 [ -hpsc ] register_index data


This utility program allows access to the special control registers of the Cyrix 6x86 processors. This initial manpage is intended to satisfy the lintian requirements of a Debian package and will be improved after the other serious issues are cleaned up.


register_index An index to the specified Cyrix 6x86 config register in decimal (e.g. '24'), hex ('0x18') or octal ('030').


The data to program into the specified register (dec|hex|oct) (or the bitmask for the -s' (set) or -c' (clear) options).


set6x86 accepts the following options:


The data is a bitmask for clearing bits in the register.


The usage information is printed.


The output is pipeable (in hex format). Only the contents of the register is output.


We now check /proc/cpuinfo to make sure it is a Cyrix cpu. This option bypasses the check. It has only been tested on a MediaGX chip and expects the vender id to start with "Cyrix". This option allows setting other chips without that string.


The data is a bitmask for setting bits in the register.

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