gradm [ -E ] [ -R ] [ -C ] [ -F ] [ -L <logfile> ] [ -O <filename|stream> ] [ -M <filename|uid> ] [ -D ] [ -P [rolename] ] [ -a <rolename> ] [ -n <rolename> ] [ -p <rolename> ] [ -u ] [ -V ] [ -h ] [ -v ]


gradm is the userspace RBAC parsing and authentication program for grsecurity

grsecurity aims to be a complete security system for Linux 2.4. gradm performs several tasks for the RBAC system including authenticated via a password to the kernel and parsing rules to be passed to the kernel.


All options to gradm are mutually exclusive, except for -L and -O.


Enable the RBAC system

-R Reload the RBAC system (only valid while in admin mode)

-C Perform a check of the RBAC policy, running the same analysis against it that is performed when enabling.

-F Toggle full learning mode. If used only with -L, it enables the RBAC system in full learning mode. If used with -L and -O, it parses the full learning logs and generates a complete ruleset.

-M <filename|uid> Remove an execution ban on a given uid or filename that has been put in place by the RES_CRASH resource restriction of the RBAC system.

-L <logfile> Parses the learning logs. Accepts an argument which specifies the logfile to scan for the learning logs. If "-" is specified as the logfile, stdin will be used as the learning log. This option can be used with -E, -O, or -F.

-O <filename|stream> Specifies output mode. Requires a single argument that can be "stdout", "stderr", or a regular file. Only used with -L or -F.

-D Disable the RBAC system

-P [rolename] Without an argument, it sets the password for administering the RBAC system. With a role name as an argument, it sets the password for that given special role.

-a <rolename> Authenticate to a special role that requires a password.

-n <rolename> Authenticate to a special role that does not require a password.

-p <rolename> Authenticate through PAM to a special role.

-u Removes yourself from your current special role, reverting back to the normal role selection. To be used, for instance, for logging out of an admin role without exiting your shell.

-V Displays verbose policy statistics when enabling the RBAC system or checking the RBAC policy. Can only be used with -C, -E, or -F -L <filename>

-h Display help information

-v Print version information and exit


Please include as much information as possible(using any available debugging options) and send bug reports for gradm or the grsecurity RBAC system to [email protected]


grsecurity and gradm were created and are maintained by Brad Spengler <[email protected]>