group_tool [COMMAND] [OPTIONS]


This utility is deprecated and the new replacements are shown. See fence_tool(8), dlm_tool(8), gfs_control(8) man pages for more information about the new commands.


runs fence_tool ls ; dlm_tool ls ; gfs_control ls

dump fence

equivalent to new fence_tool dump

dump dlm

equivalent to new dlm_tool dump

dump gfs

equivalent to new gfs_control dump

dump plocks name

equivalent to new dlm_tool plocks name

Cluster Uprading

When performing a rolling upgrade from cluster2 to cluster3, the groupd(8) daemon will be running and group_tool can be used with groupd like it was in cluster2.

ls -g1

queries and displays the internal groupd state.


queries and dumps the groupd debug buffer.


queries and displays the internal groupd compatibility mode.


-g num

Force old groupd queries with 1.


Show all node information in ls.


Show verbose information from groupd with ls -g1.


Print a help message describing available options, then exit.


Print program version information, then exit.

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