iscsi_discovery <IP> [-p <port>] [-d] [-t <tcp|iser> [-f]] [-m] [-l]


Perform send-targets discovery to the specified IP. If a discovery record is generated, try to login to the portal using the preferred transport (-t flag specifies the requested transport type, TCP is the default). If login using a certain transport succeeds, mark the portal for automatic login (unless -m flag is used), and disconnect (unless -l flag is used).

For iSCSI discovery to work, open-iscsi services must be running. i.e. iscsid should be up, and the iSCSI modules loaded. This is best accomplished by the init.d startup script.


set the port number (defualt is 3260).


print debugging information.


set transport (default is tcp).


force specific transport - disable the fallback to tcp (default is fallback enabled). force the transport specified by the argument of the -t flag.


manual startup - will set manual startup (default is automatic startup).


login - login to the new discovered nodes (defualt is false).


Written by Dan Bar Dov


Report bugs to <[email protected]>.


Copyright © Voltaire Ltd. 2006.