mpathpersist [OPTIONS] [DEVICE]


  • Options:

--verbose|-v level

verbosity level


Critical and error messages


Warning messages


Informational messages


Informational messages with trace enabled


PR Out: Clear

--device=DEVICE|-d DEVICE

query or change DEVICE


output this usage message


output response in hex


request PR In command


request PR Out command


PR Out parameter 'APTPL'


PR In: Read Keys

--param-sark=SARK|-S SARK

PR Out parameter service action reservation key (SARK is in hex)


PR Out: Preempt


PR Out: Preempt and Abort

--prout-type=TYPE|-T TYPE

PR Out command type


PR In: Read Full Status


PR In: Read Keys


PR In: Read Reservation


PR Out: Register


PR Out: Register and Ignore


PR Out: Release


PR In: Report Capabilities


PR Out: Reserve

--transport-id=TIDS|-X TIDS

TransportIDs can be mentioned in several forms

  • Examples:

  • mpathpersist --out --register --param-sark=123abc --prout-type=5 /dev/mapper/mpath9 mpathpersist -i -k /dev/mapper/mpath9