ossdetect [-diuv] [-m<mode>] [-L<path>]


The ossdetect application performs automatic detection of soundcards. The application looks at the $OSSETCDIR/device.list and performs automatic detection. It will create a file with the list of the configured drivers in $OSSETCDIR/installed_drivers. OSSETCDIR is decided by reading /etc/oss.conf, and defaults to /etc/oss4.

The Input Multiplexer driver (IMUX) is not configured by default and can be added to the OSS configuration using the -i option.


-d Create device file links.

-i Adds the oss_imux driver.

-m<mode> Create nodes with permissions set to octal <mode>.

-g<group> Create nodes with group ownership set to <group>.

-u Adds the oss_userdev driver.

-v Verbose output.

-L<path> Use <path> as root directory for OSS files. Default: Path from /etc/oss.conf, followed by /usr/lib/oss.

RELATED TO ossdetect…

ossdevlinks(1), ossinfo(1)


/etc/oss.conf /usr/sbin/ossdetect


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