pawserv is the server for distributed PAW. It listens for connections on port 345. pawserv is not in general run from the command line, but only via inetd(8). From the PAW client side, a remote PAW session is invoked with the RLOGIN hostname command. Distributed PAW is documented fully in chapter 8 of the PAW user's guide, available in PostScript format at this URL:

Please note that pawserv receives unencrypted passwords over the network. It should therefore be used only within a trusted LAN.


\[bu] /etc/inetd.conf - specifies how inetd should call pawserv

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\[bu] paw(1)

\[bu] inetd(8)

\[bu] inetd.conf(5)

pawserv is part of the CERNLIB CSPACK package, which is documented at (PostScript) or (HTML).


This manual page was written by Kevin McCarty <[email protected]> for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).