auto-multiple-choice association-auto --data project-data-dir --notes-id id --liste students-list.csv [--encodage-liste list-encoding] --liste-key key


The command associates students with their answer sheet (when there are no errors from students when coding their student number and no error during data capture). See the section called “Identification of the students” from english user documentation for details.

--data project-data-dir

gives the directory where data files are (see for example AMC-prepare(1)).

--notes-id id

gives the identification string of the code provided for student numbers (command \AMCcode in the LaTeX source file).


if used, the --notes-id option is ignored and the automatic association is made from the pre-association data (command \AMCassociation in the LaTeX source file).

--liste students-list.csv

gives the students list.

--encodage-liste list-encoding

gives the students list file encoding (default is utf-8).

--liste-key key

gives the column name where to find the student number in the students list.

--debug file.log

gives a file to fill with debugging information.


Alexis Bienven\(:ue <[email protected]>

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Jean B\('erard

Translation from French

Georges Khaznadar

Translation from French


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