LogolMultiExec [-h]


LogolMultiExec needs the drmaa library. Default is to use SGE library. If another is used, one should update the symbolic link in /usr/share/logol/lib/drmaa.jar to the correct library. LD_LIBRARY_PATH must also updated in /sur/share/logol/


LogolMultiExec and LogolExec share the same configuration file. See LogolExec man page for more info. .PP


Minimum arguments are -m for logol model or -g for logol grammar, and -s for input sequence



display the list of commands.


get version


specify configuration file


sequence file to analyse.


grammar file to analyse


model file to analyse


analyse dna, is default


analyse rna


analyse protein


  maximum returned solutions


analyse both directions of the sequence


Zip output file name


Add fasta conversion of the matches to the result archive


Set the input bank as contig sequences


Unique identifier for the query


Email address to sent result availability info (needs mail setup)


Use local mode (multi core)


Use SGE mode


Force the sequence splitting according to parameters and whatever is the number of model used in grammar



maximum length of a variable


maximum size of a spacer


Do not delete created files after treatment (for debug)


enable duplicate result matches. By default only keep singletons


Type of filter when enabledups is not enabled. Allowed types are exact(default),local,local0,global.


minimum length of a variable (to speedup parsing)


maximum size of a match (to speedup parsing)


maximum result size of a match (to speedup parsing)


Olivier Sallou (olivier.sallou (at)