aevol_create -h or --help

aevol_create -V or --version

aevol_create [-v] [-f PARAM_FILE] [-o OUTDIR] [-c CFILE] [-p PFILE]


Aevol is a simulation platform that allows one to let populations of digital organisms evolve in different conditions and study experimentally the mechanisms responsible for the structuration of the genome and the transcriptome.


create an experiment with setup as specified in param_file


-h, --help

print help, then exit

-V, --version

print version number, then exit -f, --file PARAM_FILE

specify parameter file (default: -o, --out OUTDIR

specify output directory (default "./") -c, --chromosome CFILE

load chromosome from given text file instead of generating it -p, --plasmid PFILE

load plasmid from given text file instead of generating it (params must allow plasmids)

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