basexclient [-bcdiLnopPsUvVwxz] [query]


basexclient starts a basex(1) XML database client in order to connect to a running instance of basexserver(1).

Per default basexclient tries to connect to a basexserver(1) running on localhost port 1984.

Connecting to a basexserver(1) requires the knowledge of a username and its corresponding credentials. For user management refer to basexserver(1) or the BaseX Documentation Wiki (


A short description of option can be obtained from

    $ basexclient -h

or by browsing

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basexserver(1), basex(1), basexgui(1)

~/.basex BaseX (standalone and server) properties

~/.basexgui BaseX additional GUI properties

~/.basexperm user name, passwords, and permissions

~/.basexevents contains all existing events

~/BaseXData Default database directory

~/BaseXData/.logs Server logs

~/BaseXRepo Package repository

BaseX Documentation Wiki:


BaseX started as a research project of the Database and Information Systems Group (DBIS) at the University of Konstanz in 2005 and soon turned into a feature-rich open source XML database and XPath/XQuery processor.


New (3-clause) BSD License


BaseX is developed by a bunch of people called 'The BaseX Team' <> led by Christian Gruen <[email protected]>.

The man page was written by Alexander Holupirek <[email protected]> while packaging BaseX for Debian GNU/Linux.