bookletimposer [options][*input-file*]

bookletimposer -a [options] input-file


bookletimposer is an utility to achieve some basic imposition on PDF documents, especially designed to work on booklets.

It allows:


to transform linear documents to booklets;


to reduce a document to put many on one sheet (for tracts for example);


to transform booklets to linear documents.

It is a free software released under the GNU General Public License, either version 3 or (at your option) any later version.



show program\[aq]s version number and exit.

\f[C]-h\f[], \f[C]--help\f[]

show an help message and exit.

\f[C]-o\f[] \f[I]OUTFILE\f[], \f[C]--output=\f[]\f[I]OUTFILE\f[]

set output PDF file to OUTFILE.

\f[C]-a\f[], \f[C]--no-gui\f[]

automatic converstion (don\[aq]t show the user interface). In that mode, the input file must be defined.

\f[C]-i\f[], \f[C]--gui\f[]

show the user interface (default).

\f[C]-b\f[], \f[C]--booklet\f[]

produce a booklet out of a linear document (default).

\f[C]-l\f[], \f[C]--linearize\f[]

produce a linear document out of a booklet.

\f[C]-n\f[], \f[C]--no-reorganisation\f[]

don\[aq]t reorganize (will only scale and assemble pages).

\f[C]-c\f[], \f[C]--copy-pages\f[]

copy the same group of input pages on one output page.

\f[C]-p\f[] \f[I]PAGES_PER_SHEET\f[],


number of pages per sheet, in the format HORIZONTALxVERTICAL, e.g. 2x1.

\f[C]-f\f[] \f[I]OUTPUT_FORMAT\f[],


output page format, e.g. A4 or A3R.

\f[C]-k\f[], \f[C]--keep\f[]

do not overwrite output file if it exists.



Displays the GTK+ user interface.

bookletimposer --no-gui --booklet --pages-per-sheet=2x1

--output=out.pdf in.pdf

Converts in.pdf into a booklet with two pages per sheet an saves the result as out.pdf.

bookletimposer --no-gui --linearise --pages-per-sheet=2x1


Converts the two-pages-per-sheet booklet in.pdf into a page-by-page PDF. As the output file name is not defined, it will default to in-conv.pdf.

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BookletImposer source code and documentation can be found on the web at <>


BookletImposer is under development, which means that for the moment, some things work, some others do not... Thanks to report bugs to <[email protected]> if you find some!


Kjö Hansi Glaz <[email protected]>.