c2faxsend [-f format] [-C file] [-c param] [-m dev]

          [-d number] [-P mailadr] [-v] [-V] [file...]


c2faxsend allows sending of faxes using hylafax to ISDN using the ISDN CAPI 2.0 library.


-f <format>

Specify the output format. Allowed types are HYLAFAX (default), TIFF, SFF, G3.

-C <file>

Name and path of the config file.

-c <param>

One Entry from the config-file of type: {value}:{data}.

-m <dev>

Virtual device name only needed for Hylafax. Default: faxCAPI.

-P <mailaddr>

Fax Polling. At the end pollrcvd with mailadr is called.


Start in verbose mode


Show version information.


Show a help text.


One or more files depending on the format(-f) switch: HYLAFAX (one qfile), SFF (one sff file), TIFF (one or more tiff file(s)).

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c2recv(1), capi4hylafaxconfig(8), hylafax(5). /usr/share/doc/capi4hylafax/README.html.