cdde [-c filename] [-rbvVh]


cdde is a program that detects when a cdrom drive on your system has had a disc inserted.

When it finds a disc inserted in the drive it will attempt to determine the type of the disc, and execute a specified command.

This means you can put in a dvd and your favorite dvd software will start, or put in a data cd and it will be automatically mounted for you.

Right now cdde can detect the following types of discs:

        * audio cd
        * data cd
        * dvd
        * mixed audio/data cd
        * vcd
        * svcd
        * blank cdr/dvdr

For now the dvd checking is just a bit of magic that checks to see if there's a "video_ts" directory on the disc. Same goes for the vcd checking: it just looks for a "vcd" directory on the disc.

cdde reads its configuration from "~/.cdde.xml" unless otherwise specified on the command line.


-r, --run

Run commands on disc already in drive when is started.

-b, --batch

Batch mode: check all drives once then exit. (implies -r)

-c, --config <filename>

Use the config file <filename>. (Default is ~/.cdde.xml)

-v, --verbose

Print out lots of information.

-V, --version

Print out version information.

-h, --help

Print Display this help and exit.





Eric Lathrop <[email protected]>

Stanislav Maslovski <[email protected]>


For the latest release of cdde, see: