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usage: usage: check_calib [options] -p param.poni image.edf

Check_calib is a research tool aiming at validating both the geometric calibration and everything else like flat-field correction, distortion correction, at a sub-pixel level. Note that `check_calib` program is obsolete as the same functionnality is available from within pyFAI-calib, using the `validate` command in the refinement process.

positional arguments:


Image file to check calibration for

optional arguments:

-h, --help

show this help message and exit -V, --version

-v, --verbose

switch to debug mode

-d FILE, --dark FILE

file containing the dark images to subtract

-f FILE, --flat FILE

file containing the flat images to divide

-m FILE, --mask FILE

file containing the mask

-p FILE, --poni FILE

file containing the diffraction parameter (poni-file)

-e ENERGY, --energy ENERGY

energy of the X-Ray beam in keV (hc=12.398419292keV.A)


wavelength of the X-Ray beam in Angstrom