#include <volpack.h>

\$1 vpIdentity3(m_dst)

  • vpMatrix3 m_dst;

    vpIdentity4(m_dst) vpMatrix4 m_dst;

    vpNormalize3(v_src1) vpVector3 v_src1;

    vpMatrixVectorMult4(v_dst, m_src1, v_src1) vpVector4 v_dst; vpMatrix4 m_src1; vpVector4 v_src1;

    vpMatrixMult4(m_dst, m_src1, m_src2) vpVector4 m_dst, m_src1, m_src2;

    vpCrossProduct(v_dst, v_src1, v_src2) vpVector3 v_dst, v_src1, v_src2;

    vpSolveSystem4(m_src1, b, count) vpMatrix4 m_src1; vpVector4 b[]; int count;

    vpSetVector3(v_dst, x, y, z) vpVector3 v_dst; double x, y, z;

    vpSetVector4(v_dst, x, y, z, w) vpVector4 v_dst; double x, y, z, w;


m_src1, m_src2, m_dst

Source and destination matrices.

v_src1, v_src2, v_dst

Source and destination vectors.


Array of right-hand-side vectors.


Number of right-hand-side vectors.

x, y, z, w

Vector components.


These routines form a simple linear algebra package used internally by VolPack. The routines are also available as utility routines for use by the application.

vpIdentity3 assigns the identity matrix to a 3-by-3 matrix.

vpIdentity4 assigns the identity matrix to a 4-by-4 matrix.

vpNormalize3 normalizes a 3-element vector (so the magnitude is 1.0). The result overwrites the source vector.

vpMatrixVectorMult4 multiplies a 4-by-4 matrix by a 4-element column vector and stores the result in the destination vector (v_dst = m . v_src).

vpMatrixMult4 multiplies two 4-by-4 matrices and stores the result in the destination matrix (m_dst = m_src1 . m_src2).

vpCrossProduct computes the cross product of two 3-element vectors and stores the result in the destination vector (v_dst = v_src1 x v_src2).

vpSolveSystem4 solves the linear system m . x = b for each right-hand-side vector in the b array. The solution vectors overwrite the vectors in the b array. The solution is computed using Gauss-Jordan elimination with partial pivoting and implicit scaling.

vpSetVector3 initializes the components of a 3-element vector (v_dst = [x, y, z]). It is a macro.

vpSetVector4 initializes the components of a 4-element vector (v_dst = [x, y, z, w]). It is a macro.


vpNormalize3 and vpSolveSystem4 normally return VP_OK. The following error return value is possible:


The vector is a 0 vector (vpNormalize3 only), or the matrix is singular (vpSolveSystem4 only).

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