discover-modprobe.conf is the configuration file for discover-modprobe, which is responsible for retrieving and loading kernel modules.


This file is a shell script, and as such is subject to a string variable assignment syntax. No space is allowed between the variable name, the equal (=) sign, and the value(s) assigned. If multiple values are to be assigned, the list must be space-delimited with surrounding quotes.

Two directives can be used in this file: types and skip. Both can be defined multiple times.


This describes the classes of hardware that should be scanned and queried.


These modules should never be loaded. See the ``Files'' section for details on the mechanism for generating these entries automatically.



A crash file written and erased each time discover-modprobe attempts to load a module. If the file lingers, the computer is assumed to have crashed while loading that module, and the module name is added to discover-modprobe.conf as a module to skip in the future.

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