\*(T</etc/lxc/lxc-usernet\*(T> controls the limits which the program lxc-user-nic places on network interfaces which an unprivileged user may create.


This file consists of multiple entries, one per line, of the form:

user type bridge number



is the username to whom this entry applies.


is the type of network interface being allowed. Only veth is currently supported.


is the bridge to which the network interfaces may be attached, for instance \*(T<lxcbr0\*(T>.


is the number of network interfaces of the given type which the given user may attach to the given bridge, for instance \*(T<2\*(T>.

RELATED TO lxc-usernet…

lxc(1), lxc-user-nic(1)


Daniel Lezcano <\*(T<[email protected]\*(T>>